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Cinematic Services with DAC Authorized Drones'

Our Agency

Cine Media Mystique is your trusted partner for unique and unforgettable cinematic services. Our cutting-edge fleet includes drones registered and approved by the DAC, the Civil Aviation Directorate of Luxembourg, ensuring maximum safety and compliance.

Indoor Filming

Specializing in drone rentals for indoor filming, our models come equipped with propeller guards, ensuring safety and precision in shots.

FPV Acrobatic Filming

For the most daring, we offer high-speed FPV acrobatic filming at 60fps. Enjoy real-time first-person viewing, fully immersing yourself in the flight.

Custom Outdoor Filming

Expanding our services to outdoor filming, we offer options such as long-range capabilities and, on special occasions, Cinema DNG filming for high-level cinematic projects.

DAC Authorized Pilots

Our pilots are authorized by the DAC, ensuring competence and compliance with Luxembourg's and European regulations.

Unique Cinematic Experience

We are here to exceed your expectations, combining creativity and advanced technology. Trust Cine Media Mystique for an unparalleled cinematic experience, tailored to your unique needs.

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